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Chronic lower back pain has a more insidious onset, occuring over a long period of time. Physical causes may include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, degeneration of the discs betwee the vertebrae, or a spinal disc herniation, a vertebral fracture (such as from osteoporosis), or rarely, a tumor (including cancer) or infection.
ECO Frame Belt
  Code - OC 2050

  Light weight metal frame with flexibility to adjust the contours of the back region.

Sizes S M L XL
Waist (Inches) 28-32 32-38 38-44 44-50
(Cms.) 70-80 80-95 95-110 110-125
Other common problems include facet joint dysfunction, subluxation, vertebrae fracture, soft tissue issues like whiplash, neck muscle strain, ligament strain, spinal cord injury.
Cervical Collar
  Code - OC 2003

  Preventive care for minor neck injuries like sprains, strains and automobile whiplash.   For situations like work, travel, watching TV/reading, Eyelids provide for ventilation.   Provide soft to rigid support to limit movement or help prevent harmful neck motions.

Sizes S M L XL
Waist (Inches) 17 19 21 23
(Cms.) 42.5 47.5 52.5 57.5
* Neck Circumference
Fracture occurs when bone breaks; it may crack, snap or shatter. After a fracture, new bone cells fill the gap and repair the break. A stronger plaster cast is applied to keep the bone in correct position until it heals.
Arm pouch
Code - OC 2036

Adjustable broad shoulder pad reduces neck & shoulder pressure. Thumb loop inside for desired hand rest. Recommended after surgical treatment, for sprains & strains, fractures and dislocation.

Sizes S M L XL

Common Problem :
Arthritis is the group of conditions which involves damage to joints characterized by swelling and severe pain, cartilage thins and reduce ability of tissues to stretch and reduced production of synovial fluid in joint capsule.
Knee Stabilizer
  Code - OC 2069

  Ensures comfortable fit and helps in diagnosis and treatment of patellar instability and   patellofemoral pain as well as reduces pain in patella syndrome. Helps guide the   patella back into proper alignment with gentle pressure from the lateral to medial   direction. Provides protection and stabilization during activities & prevents dislocation.
  Size : Universal For left & right leg.
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