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Surgical Gloves :  


Made from natural rubber latex.
Lightly powdered and polymer coated low powdered excellent quality gloves.
Textured surface at palm and finger for enhanced instrument grip.
Strict compiance with ASTM D 3577-06 and EN 455 standards.
Anatomically barrier properties.
High tensile strength and low modulus.
AQL - 1.5 for pinholes.
Manufactured in a cleam environment and sterilized in an in house facility.
Soft gloves for superior comfort and natural fit.
CE Certified.
Bio-burden and sterility tested.
Manufactured under ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Management System.
Sizes : Extra small, small, medium & large.
Examination Gloves :  

Examination gloves are used by the health care workers while treating  patients to prevent cross contamination. Examination gloves are non sterile, lightly powdered and for single use onl. The gloves are ambidextrous and fully textured. It is manufactured in 4 difference sizes - extra small, medium, and large.


Pre-powdered gloves.
Textured at palm / finger for excellent instrument grip.
Strict compliance with ASTM D-3578(05), EN 455(00) standards.
Excellent barrier properties.
High tensile strength and low modulus.
AQL - 2.5 for pinholes.
Manufactured in clean environment under ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System.
Soft gloves for superior comfort and natural fit.
CE certified.
Ambidextrous and straight fingers.
Sizes : Extra small, small, medium & large.

Non Woven Mask :  
Surgical Face Masks:
Surgical Face Masks are primarily intended to protect  the patient against airborne infective agents originating from the
healthcare staff’s respiratory tracts. They are also intended to protect the staff against potentially contaminated fluid splashes.

Different types of masks :
  1. Ear Loop Masks:
  2. Tie on Mask:
  3. SMS Mash (BFE 90%)
  4. 2-ply, 3-ply, 4-Ply in blue & green activated  Carbon Mask
  5. Respiratory  Mask TT-DBN95
Surgeon Gowns :
  1. These are used to prevent direct contact and transfer of infective agents from the surgical team to the operating
    wounds and vice versa. These prevent  dispersion of skin scales to the operating theatre air only if they are
    made from suitable materials.
  2. Different types of Gowns :
  3. PP Surgeon Gowns (Basic Protection Level gowns)
  4. PP+ PE Laminated Surgeon Gowns (Medium Protection Level Gowns)
  5. SMS Surgeon Gowns (Highest Possible Protection Level Gowns)
Disposable Caps:
  1. Bouffant Caps:  Popular with Nurses and white industries like food processing and hospitality.
  2. Surgeon’s Cap:  Tie on or Elastic version’s available. Perforation for easy tear off ties.
Shoe Covers:
Universal size best suited for Domestic Market. Does not slip on wet floors like plastic shoes.
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